Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moved in, or whatever

So I'm all the way moved in or whatever, and I must say, I hate this place. I was more excited when there was a possibility of me moving to MN! The laws/policies here are dumb, the streets are dumb, I just overall don't like it. It's an interesting thought, but I think I was brought here to die. Think about it. I knew I would hate it here so I never applied for a job here. But somehow, the only place I got a job was here. I think this place will kill me

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On the Move no more

I've finally completed my move. My next objective is obviously to turn on my utilities, unpack, & learn my way around this new city. I'm really nervous abt my job & how my dog will act in this new place. I really hope he's well behaved, I really need it. Tmrw is gonna be full of handling things w/ the apt complex & finding clothes to wear. I'm rambling now. PeACE

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On the Move II.5

I've spent my day packing in 90 degree weather... My A/C is broken apparently & the landlord is taking his sweet time getting over here to fix it. This makes me a bit angry, but I'll be gone by the end of the week, so oh well. My to do list for today includes mailing some things off, taking bags to goodwill, getting a change of address form & hopefully going to go see a movie.

Monday, June 25, 2012

On the Move II

So today I finalized my apartment... It felt alright. I also went to get a quote on a moving truck. That mess is expensive! It's gonna be around $200! Lastly, I asked for help... I hate asking for help. I know how capable I am, but lifting whole pieces of furniture just isn't in my repertoire. This is why I need a strength genetic mutation. Then I could do everything on my own. but oh well.

While I was in my car, I was thinking of how the heck I was gonna get my car & moving truck down to TX. I yelled to myself, "this is why I need a fu$king boyfriend! To help me out with this shyt!" haha, how wrong is it that I think boyfriends are for moving expeditions, lol

Friday, June 22, 2012

On the Move

So I got a new job that I'm not excited about for some reason. This job is in a different state, so I will be moving... I hate moving, and packing, and cleaning. All of it. I have so many things to do before I am even ready to go pick up my moving truck, which I need to reserve while I'm thinking about it. I'm going to try to blog this process, but I'll probably just get to busy to remember to do it, but I'll try. Some of the things I need to do before leaving are as follows: 1. Get some money from somewhere. If there's ever been a case where "you need to have money to make money" this would be one of them 2. Get rid of my old car. Its just been sitting there for almost 2 years and I cant just leave it there... hmm 3. Cut off all my utilities 4. Buy a new dog crate that my dog cant escape from 5. Find some more boxes 6. Get some work clothes And a bunch of other things I'm sure... Like fill out this pre-employment paper work... they've sent me like 923857823476509 emails! Why not just send one so I can get it all done at once? But what do I know.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why do YOU want children?? Part I

I've been asking individuals in my circle, why they want to procreate. I was asking this because personally, I do not see a logical, beneficial reason to have a child. I'm coming from this point of view: Struggles are plentiful on Earth. Life is mostly hard, some good, and the rest we forget. There are debt crises, wars, MTV, and all kinds of religious, racial, and sexual persecution. And I want to be responsible for bringing an innocent human into all of that. Yes, there are good things about the world, but I'm more concerned with changing it now instead of hoping my offspring will/can change the world. That's a lot of responsibility to put on someone who never even asked to be here. It strikes me as odd that people are so hopeful that their children can/will change the world but they aren't working to enact that change now, in their own lives.

Additionally, in my small survey, I noticed individual's reasons for wanting children were quite selfish (in my opinion). They want to pass on themselves to another human in hopes of leaving their mark on the world. They want it to be know how great THEY are, through the actions and accomplishments of their children. Now I think I'm just as cool as the next kid, but for some reason I'm not interested in another human carrying on "my legacy." I would much rather be published or leave fond memories with those I care about.

When thinking about the possibility of having children, I think of all kinds of obstacles such as:
1. Gender socialization - I wouldn't want to socialize my children in the traditional American fashion. I don't like the diachotomic nature of this country where its boy or girl, heterosexual or homosexual, right or wrong. I don't like checking boxes and I wouldn't want to place my child into any of them. But with the way I was socialized, how do I not?
2. How will they be educated?
3. I wouldnt plan on having kids without first being financially stable, but then, how do my kids learn the value of a dollar and the struggles of poverty, being without, and working hard without having to? I would want my kids to have character and be strong and resourceful like me, but they wont have to go through the struggles I did, so how are they supposed to learn all this?
4. When they get jobs, their hard earned money will be going to pay off the 2008 bailout... Thats not fair, they had nothing to do w/ that.
5. What if I cant deal with any disorders of diseases they may be born with? People like to assume they will be born with healthy children, but what if they're not?

These are just a few of the things I think about when thinking about filling my uterus with a life. I can only hope others think about these things as they are important.

Why do YOU want children Part II

As I said before, I took a small survey and asked people why they wanted to have kids, here are my survey results. I appreciate every person that answered my questions and I appreciate each perspective! I want to list the results and then list what I think/feel about each response.

1. I'm awesome and I want my kids to be awesome
2. I want my kids to make a difference in the world
3. There are too many stupid ppl in the world and I want to create more smart people
4. I want to experience the love between a mother and a child
5. In order for there to be wins, there has to be losses. People need to create more people in order for us to learn from each other's mistakes
6. I just want to
7. I want to show the world that living a Christian lifestyle is possible and good
8. I dont want my kids to grow up the way I did
9. To leave my legacy
10. I hate odd-numbered list

My responses
1. But what if your kids turn out "not so awesome?"
2. Why wait for your children to make the difference? Change something today... or tomorrow. Seems like a lot of pressure to put on a kid
3. True. But if we don't invest in and rally to change the K-12 system and the injustices within higher education, your kids may end up where you are: Smart in a world full of dummies
4. Have you tried getting a puppy first? small things such as puppies and babies are a lot of work.
5. Again true, but also morbid. This means I, or you, could have that "loss" kid, while my neighbor has the Noble Peace Prize winner. That's not fair
6. ok.
7. Sounds like your kids are a show and tell experiment
8. How about changing the lives of children that are already here instead of making more people and contributing to over population. Adoption, foster children, etc are all ways to do this
9. Which is what exactly???
10. So I couldn't end it on 9