Monday, February 9, 2009

Gay Marriage & Adoption

I never understood whats the big deal with gay marriage and gay adoption. Who are we, mere humans, to decide who others should marry, and then decide what the consequences of that union should be? If you call yourself a Christian, then I definitely dont understand your oppostion... Do you not think God will handle HIS business when the time comes? You think its your job to pass judgment on people instead of allowing the Lord to do it?? Personally I dont feel like its ever been in my power to decide people's eternal destination, but hey, maybe you do.

Now let me say, that I am not gay, dont ever plan to be, and I dont really think anyone else should be either. BUT! I also believe that you do it, then its your choice and you shouldn't have to be/act any differently if that's the lifestyle you choose. I have plenty of gay friends, a gay roommate.... but do I feel the need to make out with a chick?? NOPE! I think men are too fabulous. Especially Black men, but thats another blog story.

But on to gay adoption, again, I dont understand the opposition to it. If we legally allow, 13 year olds, drug addicts, murderers, rape victims, poor, and homeless people, people with little or no money to support themselves, let alone, a child, to have children, then why is this country trying to stop to poeple who love each other, who are clearly financially well off, have jobs, and are probably more stable than the 17 year old or that rape victim giving the child up from adopting simply because they are the same gender????

If this country will let someone like my mother, a 16 year old drop out, recovering drug addict and convict have two children, why arent two people with a house, job, most like education, and money adopt allowed to have a family?

And its not like the child is better off staying in the system. The system sucks and produces more high school dropouts, drug addicts, murders, and abused children than any union of two people of the same sex could ever produce.

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