Monday, February 9, 2009

Honesty should always be the BEST POLICY

So I'm wondering since when did it become untrue that people should be honest with each other?

Personally i think honesty is actually the best policy. However in my strive to be honest with the world, I've been called rude and insensitive...

but that will not detour me, i think that ppl should always be honest with one another... at all times.. it just seems easier to me

how is it easier to tell a lie to someone, and then keep up that lie.. yea, it just seems like alot of work...


  1. I agree with you that honesty is the best policy and I commend you for being honest with others. Adding to that however, "how" you present that honesty to someone (not so much what you say) could possibly be one reason why some people may call you rude and insensitive. You still must be respectful when being honest, that shouldn't be lost at any time. You don't know how someone will take it until after you say it.

  2. I'm just drawing from past experience, I agree with what you said, and try to operate in that fashion... but that doesnt change what I said tho... unfortunately