Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm Too Busy to be doing this!

Just a list of a few pressing matters in my life, things that need to be completed with the quickness:

  1. Write Recommendation letter
  2. Fill out/Apply for Big XII Scholarships
  3. Make/Edit Big XII Report
  4. Finish Teach for America App
  5. Start Outstanding Senior App
  6. Fill out Who's who book order form
  7. Look into Graduation Announcements/Pictures
  8. Apply to Graduate
  9. Book flight to Spain
  10. Figure out Spring Break plans
  11. Cancel Big XII Hotel Rooms/make room assignments
  12. Sign up for a Sharepoint Administrator class
  13. Find out who signs my timesheets at work
  14. Homework & Readings for class

....to name a few

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