Thursday, February 19, 2009

...Stop it in 2009

Here's a list of things we should ALL stop doing in 2009. Please feel free to add to this list

1. We're going to stop treating ugly people like they're not ugly. Why would one do this anyway? We're gonna stop commenting on their pictures, saying their cute, and we most definitely arent gonna date the ugly ones with stank attitudes. How you gon be ugly AND you have a stank attitude?!?... NOPE

2. We shall stop wearing tights as pants. why? because they're TIGHTS, not PANTS! You look crazy, slightly ho-ish, cold, and generally unprepared for life. Go put some clothes on!

3. We're ALL going to start having real majors... Multidisciplinary Studies and Communications ARE NOT majors and you need some skills please. Pick a real major.

4. We gonna stop having babies for no reason. As a woman with all my lady parts working, I can tell you that in this day and age, NO ONE gets pregnant on accident! It was planned... it was a plan and you executed it! There are WAY too many contraceptives on the market to accidentally get pregnant.

5. We will not show up on campus or be involved in campus organizations if we are in fact not enrolled... thats a big no no

6. We're gonna stop riding bikes in the street when there is a side walk right there.. please show some respect for the fact that I like driving my car and if youre in the street, to me that means you PLAN on getting hit

7. We're gonna stop being feckless... Get some purpose

8. We're gonna stop wearing clothes that werent made for us... Please start wearing your size!! No, your shirt or those shorts are too small, they simply just arent your size!

9. Speaking of clothes, Big people are gonna let go of the fashion of wearing belts around your waist... thats not cute. If I can only see the buckle and the very back of the belt and the rest is "hidden"?? Its just not for you...

10. We... naw, yall are gonna stop wearing cheer shorts, tights, and Uggs! eww.. you look crazy.

I think I'm done... for now... just a few annoyances that I dont think are acceptable anymore in 2009


  1. LOL, Domanique you never cease to make me crack up.

  2. I'm going to be honest. I don't associate with ugly people. My mother actually implemented this rule when I was quite young.

  3. Stop it in 2009...

    Oh I thought of one...

    nope not really...

    we're gonna stop letting old azn ppl ask us if we want mustard or mayonnaise. Just say mustard or mayo... mayonnaise has too much going on in it for them to get it out correctly.

    wow... now im gonna stop being racist. I wil not add my name to this.

  4. We're going to stop letting people drive with their dog(s)in their lap. What the freakin heck man?!