Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things that aren't my fault

1.) the fact that I think alot of people are ugly. I blame that on my family, my grandma, aunt, cousin, and sister in particular.. its their fault.

2.) the fact that I talk about/dont really like skinny people, fat people or ugly people..... I talk about each of them either under my breath or out loud

3.) the fact that I like weird animals, thus my ownership of a salamander

4.) the fact that I yell at old people for driving

5.) the fact that I dont understand artsy people and/or things

6.) the fact that I hate france and french

..thats it for now


  1. YOU gon' stop hulling France and all things Francophone :(

  2. You can't hate French. It's the language of love.


  3. Its the language of mumbling and slurring and generally not making sense and using up all the letters in the alphabet just to make an "O" sound.... For example.. there are other terrible things, but thats all I'm gonna say for now... and KB... I shall not stop.. I cant and they wont let me stop