Monday, February 9, 2009

Unsolicited Pictures

So, I recently re-connected with an old friend. A male friend. We were never really close though, but he's a cool individual. So like I said, we reconnected... thru text messages, of course as people my age generally do. However, almost as soon as we're getting into relevant conversation, he asks for a picture. I really am not comfortable with sending pictures of myself and I've learned from Miley friggin Cyrus' scandals, (and countless others) that that mess is just asking for trouble....

So I send him the picture I recently send my mother.. that's safe enough right? Well I wake up the next day, and he had sent 4 pictures of himself, one of which features a nicely sculpted mid-section...All fine and dandy, BUT WHY? Why did he do that? I didn't ask for any of these pictures, let alone ones of your fabulous body... so why did he do that?

It has always been my personal opinion that men hate clothes, and if they could would be naked all the time... and I figure this has something to do with all the pictures, even though he wasn't naked... I just think men are fascinated with their own bodies and think of clothes as barriers, haha!

And I think I may be on to something, because I keep getting more pictures... Never asked for one, now I have 8... I'm not sure if he's just conceited, or he's trying to visually seduce me or what... I just think its weird and I'm wondering what are his reasons for these actions.... haha....

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