Thursday, February 12, 2009

WTH do I care?!

So at lunch today, someone asked me, "Whats your take on the whole Chris Brown situation?"
Now anyone who knows me knows not to ask this question because I very literally could care less. AT ALL! Whats my take?? I dont have a take! I dont care! I dont know him or that alien lookin girl, nor is anything they do any of my business.

THE ONLY thing that I care about is the fact that some R&B pop singer is getting more press than our President and this Stimulus Package


  1. Lol, Domanique that's why you are you. I feel you on your post though. To be honest, his situation has nothing to do with me, so I'm not paying alot of attention to it. Chris Brown's situation is more headline news right now than President Obama & the stimulus package, sad to say it.


  2. i think ure a total hottie and i love all of your blog posts. see u sunday