Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who's Smarter?

I've come up with this theory and here it goes...
It is in my strong professional opinion that poorer individuals are smarter that those who are well off/well to do.

I would like to know people's opinions about this theory...
Think about it, kids from well off families are given all the education opportunities that can be afforded to them. They go to better schools, they have better textbooks, they are taught by better teachers, (reportedly) and their learning environment is generally more conducive.

Then jump to the poor kid, in the poor neighborhood, that goes to the school in the poor district. They have sub par textbooks, the teacher probably arent the best (but you never know!) and of course the environment for learning isnt as great. Its hard to concentrate on reading an out of date text book when you have to get a part time job to help your family pay the light bill.

Now lets jump to college age students. From every which background and socio-economic status. We have two students, in the same major (or even different majors, but its easier to compare like majors). One from a well off family, one who grew up poor...... Who's smarter?
Who had to study more just to get admitted to college?
Who couldn't get a prep ACT test book to help them study for the ACT?
Who had to keep their grades up while working a part time job?
Who didn't have parents around to help them with college applications? With FAFSA?

With all this said, with all this to think about... I would like to conclude that controlling most other factors, poor kids are (or at least have the potential to be) smarter than there well to do counterparts.


  1. While I respect your theory and opinion on this subject, I will have to disagree with it. Sure it would be reasonable to think that kids from poor neighborhoods are behind those from good neighborhoods in terms of educational resources. But they would have to work twice as hard just to be on the same educational levels as those kids who have the educational means. I don't necessarily think that makes them smarter. Plus, your theory penalizes those kids who work very hard to get where they are when they do have the resources available. That doesn't mean everything is handed to them. Most people have to work for what they want, some more than others, but in the end it's all about achieving and succeeding. I don't care what background you come from, if you work hard and don't give up, you will be alright.

  2. i wasnt penalizing anyone, simply giving props to those who Have to work hard[er]

  3. There's nothing wrong with giving props to them I give them props as well. I just wanted you see it from both sides.

  4. Interesting thought. I think it depends on what type of"smart" you speak of. But I'm always amazed at when you talk about ways not to be homeless, that's a type of intelligence that many people don't have.

  5. You also bring up a valid point KB.

  6. There have been studies conducted on this very topic. Of course, there are people from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds that are extremely successful. There's a book called Outliers that profiles some of these people. As the title implies, unfortunately, these individuals are few and far between. The personality characteristics or behaviors of these individuals that made the difference need to be isolated so that this success might be more reproduced.