Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Love... the ultimate practical joke?

this is a rough draft, but you should get the point
So I dont believe in love. kinda. (I also dont believe in gravity and changing my last name, but lets save that.)

but yea, I dont believe in love. Well I dont believe in aspects of it. The aspects that involve relationships and marriage.
And I dont have a reason to... many people cant even express what love is, so whats there to believe in?? They say "it just cant be explain in words" Well how else would you suppose I ask for an explanation?? thru sticky notes?
Yes, you can feel strongly toward a person, for a long time.. but thats about it for me... And yea, you wanna be around them, but humans are social creatures, so why the H wouldnt you??

Additionally, a lot of people who say they have been in love have also ended up being "crushed" as a result of having these feelings. They end up hurt, sad, and cryin and ish... Uh... NO! Definitely DO NOT sign me up that! There are enough things in this world to be sad about... Like starving children, being fat, having to pay bills when you dont have money, racism... Why would I want to sit around and be sad cuz some boy said he doesnt like me anymore???

haha. But yea, actually, I do believe in love, but not the way most think of it.. and I dont think it can last forever. and I dont think its ever enough.. and its never gonna be all you need.... Sorry Beatles.

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