Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why cant I just be me?

i dont wanna be pregnant, but I'm good with kids and wouldnt mind having some
I get my hair braided so I dont have to do it, but I love earrings.
I cant walk in heels, but I think mascara is amazing.
I dont cry, but I do get upset.
I cuss sometimes, but I can also speak the King's English
I'm not all that touchy, but I love cuddling
I love video games, but I'm not that good at them

Next Sub Topic
So I'm in this honesty box conversation with someone. And they made a character judgment about me. Not a bad one, just an incorrect one. They said something to the effect of "That doesnt sound like the girl I know"... uh...hahaha! I laughed because you dont know me! And even not knowing the human I was conversing with, I can honestly say that he doesnt know me because NOBODY knows me.

So I told him, that he doesnt know me, which is fine because I like it that way, and he goes on to say "Well whose fault is that? How can people get to know you if you dont let them?" Again, insert laughter here. I have no desire for any human to know a whole lot about or how I feel about ish. (yes, for some this may be hard to believe because I'm so blunt and whatnot, but please know that many of what I say or comment on are shallow issues [in my opinion], so I dont mind discussing them.)

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