Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why is that appropriate?!?!

Ok so picture it...

I'm sitting at work, minding my own business, doin the things I'm supposed to do. A human comes into the lab that I know, so I say, "Hi, How are you?".... fine right? WRONG! This individual proceeds to tell me how he isnt doing well and that he hopes hes single by tomorrow. I say, "Well, I hope that all works out for you" and continue about my business... So with me going back to minding my business, you think this individual goes about his?? NOPE! He stands there, and keeps talking! talking about how he doesnt want to have to deal with a certain person and how he has sexual thoughts on his mind.... WHHHHAAATT!?!@? Why is this even appropriate!!?? I say again, I hope everything works out for you and I remind him that he's an OU athlete and they can get girls from anywhere so maybe he should go do that.

With that he goes on to say more off the wall things and proclaims his loves and desires for me... W. T. H.!!! WHY are you here!?!

Why would a person think any of this appropriate!?! Just because youre having a fight with your significant other doesnt mean you can go off and just say all kinds of crazy things to someone you find attractive! What wrong with the world!


  1. Lol. Why is it all the crazy stuff happens when you're around? And you wrong about the athlete comment.

  2. yea, I may be... but he doesnt know that. haha!