Thursday, May 14, 2009

Overstand me, since you cant Understand me II

Ok, again we got a case of people not understanding me. I'm bout through with you humans now! haha. But here's the deal, in describing me, someone else said that I was blah de blah, beautiful, blah, blah, outstanding, blah, and scared of my emotions... Wait, what?... WTH? What I look like bein scared of something that can't directly kill me? I mean, I would understand if they woulda said, yea, and I noticed that you're afraid of Freddy Kruger. Uhm, YEEAAA!!! He has knives for fingers! But emotions? Naw son. That doesn't even make sense to me.

So I tell the person that they got me twisted. I'm not afraid of emotions, I simply dont see how many of them are useful in many situations. They can cloud your judgment in so many different ways, they can make you say the dumbest things ever said by humans, they can even make you break into someone's apartment for no reason.

Yea, I see the purpose and reason for emotions, they're necessary and ish. But its just not in my personality to display them readily, or at all even. I think they get in the way of handling business.
Thats all. Get Right or get left son!

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