Thursday, June 25, 2009

Besties! hahah

I love being someones best friend. Its a great feeling... I've never really had much of a family or family support. so my friends are the next best thing... and that they are. They love and excitement I get from them is bar none... Thanks buddies! :)

And thanks to my new friends... I dont get new friends very often, because I dont like ppl.. I dont like meeting them or getting to know them.. I'm kinda of the mindset that, I have my friends, they're great, I dont need anymore. BUT!! my new friends that I've made this summer are definitely cool people so you all get a shout for being above average :)


  1. I LOVE YOU!Te Amo!
    Je t'aime :)

  2. ...Addendum:ixnay on "Besties" that ish is not gangsta!

  3. i know its not. thats why I used it... I got it from my new white friends this summer... that immediately makes it not gangsta. haha