Tuesday, June 9, 2009

End all, be all?

Ok, so this thought is coming from a short convo I had with a classmate...
We're in Spain, they love getting married here, and I think they love wedding dresses even more. So at almost every window this girl stops and gawks at a dress like it’s the only dress on Earth... until of course she sees the next window. haha.
That’s fine and all, but if we got somewhere to be, I'm not stopping and waiting for her to look at this dress and take pictures of it... I just don’t care to.

But in a short convo we had, I told her I had no desire whatsoever to ever be married. She pretty much looked at me like I was crazy. haha. So then she asked what if the man in my life wanted to get married. (assuming I ever feel like being in a relationship again) I said thats fine. (but I mean, its dumb to do something, like marriage, if both parties are equally interested in this particular activity) But I told her that if my man wanted to get married, then I would, but I'm not planning a wedding and if he wanted more that the J.O.T.P he would have to do it. Again, I get a crazy look.

Sorry, but none of that, being married, planning a wedding and having to look at your face for the rest of eternity sounds like fun. haha. Dont get me wrong, I think I could settle down and be with just one person until one of us dies. But RIGHT NOW, it doesn’t sound like fun to me.

Additionally, so many people that I've talked to make it seem that marriage is their end all be all. It’s the last and final step for their relationship. It’s the only thing left for them to do. People have told me that they have gotten married simply because it was the next step or that there was no one else for them, so why not... UH... none of that sounds like a good idea to me...
If marriage is the final step for your relationship, if its your final goal and what you've been working up to... then where does that leave you for the rest of your life. I mean, you've reached your goal of being married... now what? (keep in mind I'm mostly talking about those who make marriage seem like their ultimate goal and that without being married they feel like their life is lacking) It would seem to me that if marriage is that big step for your relationship, in an effort to not get bored, and not to have anything else to work for...you may wanna save that for the end... when you know its gonna work. I think getting married at like 50 or 55 sounds great! haha

Personally, I don’t see marriage as necessary for a long term relationship or necessary for my life to feel complete. I am however a huge proponent of companionship and I feel that of course that’s necessary. But I feel like I have alot more to work for than picking out the right dress for a 15 min. ceremony. l just feel like there are far more important goals to strive for....


  1. ...I feel you.
    And I feel like you echoin' some of the same sentiments and ish I feel...

  2. Interesting. Do you want kids?

  3. on the whole, i would definitely have to agree.
    ...but you know i like dressing up and being outrageous from time to time.

  4. yeah...marriage def shouldn't be a do or die situation/goal. might end up just marrying the person to your right just so you can be married. and with some of these folks nowadays, that's like playing russian roulette. but i am for marriage...eventually.

  5. thats whats up KB.

    And I only kinda want kids... just to feel like having this uterus this whole time wasnt a waste.. but I'm not just dying to pop out kids.. again, it doesnt sound like fun. Usually when something is growing inside a person, we call it a teratoma. (haha, but not really)

    yea, I know you like dressing up... Like that friend of yours' 8 yr old?

    and YES! exactly... like someother ppl who I wont mention.. you'll be with a person, then they'll end up being gay! haha

  6. =) i'm not the girl taking pictures of all of the wedding dresses!! and i'd like to point out that 2/3 of that group is pretending like they aren't 1. getting engaged in the next six months and 2. actually excited about it.