Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Reading

First, I would like to say that I am quite disappointed that I have only read 4 books so far this summer. But here are the books I've read and my thoughts about them in chronological order:

KINKY GAZPACHO: By Lori Tharps. A good friend recommended this book to me, and I see why she would :) because the book reminds me of her slightly. But, even with that said, I didn't really like this book :( It was like watching a chick flick with no real plot or goal. It seemed to me that the main character cried at the end of every chapter. And for those who know me, you know how I feel about cryin all the time. I also didn't really like how the main character never seemed to know what she wanted, had to "fight" with her blackness (uhhh... HUH!??!), seemingly needed to "find" herself, and didn't seem to be comfortable with herself until her man came along. Then when he did, she was uncomfortable with their relationship (in the beginning). Lastly, I didn't really enjoy how she "forced" Blackness on Spain until she was finally satisfied with herself about her "discovery"... I don't know what she saw, but I didn't see any Black folk in Spain (and yes, I know she explains why.) But when I was in Spain, it seemed like Black ppl were a surprise at all times. My house mother made sure to point out to me EVERY time there was a Black person on TV. However, I did appreciate her writing and relaying her experiences abroad, especially because there are few stories about Black women abroad, even if I didnt relate to her. And I will say that this book would be good for people who enjoy a wholesome romance and non-fiction. (I'm a fiction girl myself). & P.S. I had homemade Gazpacho, and it was interesting to try, but its nothing I would get excited about coming home to.

FOUR BLIND MICE: By James Patterson. Mr. Patterson is one of my favorite authors. I read his Alex Cross novels because I like to follow one character through a series of stories. (If you've seen Kiss the Girls or Along Came a Spider, those movies were based off the James Patterson, Alex Cross novels) So this book follows Dr. Cross' last supposed last case with the police force. As expected from James Patterson, he delivers excitement, danger, mystery, love, and murder at every turn! I cant say much more about this book, except that I love these books, let me know if you want to borrow it!!!

THE FIRM: By John Grisham. So I had heard about John Grisham books for a while now, but this is my first book of his to read. I liked the book because of its mystery and plot twists. It was a good story. However, I am convinced after reading this book that John Grisham is a racist, or just doesn't like Black people, or has never been around Black people. He made it a point to point out every time a Black person entered the plot, and when they did, they were cooks, drivers, or waiters. I didn't like that. I'll have to read another Grisham book to make my final assessment of his writing. But this book is good if you like a good mystery and are interested in law and organized crime.

DEAD UNTIL DARK: By Charlaine Harris. So I initially didn't want to read this book because the person who let me borrow it is weird to me, so I didn't want to like anything she liked... but! I went ahead and borrowed the book, because I was out of reading, and I must say, I did like the book. She described the as Twilight, but for adults? I don't know if that's a good description because I've never read the Twilight books. But there is a girl and a vampire. The book is basically a mystery novel, but the main characters have interesting abilities. (I still don't like the lack of Black people and/or their portrayal, but its got vampires, so I guess they can be considered a minority?) I like that there's a lot of mystery,(no gore so don't worry), an interesting love situation, and that the book is part of a series. If you like fantasy and mystery then I would recommend this/(these) books. And apparently there's a show on HBO based off of these books, True Blood. I have started on the 2nd book in the series, I'll tell ya about it when I get done


  1. I never noticed that about John Grisham's books...I may have to give that a 2nd look.

  2. I agreed about her issue with her blackness being too much...