Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You know you live with Native Americans when..

Here's my ode to my roommates

1. You get scared when you see four owl feathers tied together facing east
2. You have 8 starving turtles in your laundry room
3. You know that Greencorn isn't just a vegetable
4. Instead of saying that's bad luck, you say its bad medicine
5. There are stompdance cans in your living room coat closet
6. You are asked when you'll be home cuz their 'smoking' the house
7. When Thanksgiving is held at your house b/c its the closets to the new casino
8. When lost beadwork replaces lost jewelry
9. There are three watermelons in your fridge b/c fasting is over
10. When you think there are 10 people in the house, but really its stompdance music
11. When you have a Native name, from multiple tribes, but you dont belong to one single tribe yourself.

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