Monday, July 26, 2010

Generationally Speaking

In a conversation with my cousin, I became aware of a growing trend of those in my generation. I dont know how long a generation is, but I'm in my mid twenties so I'll say people in the 18-35 year old range.

More and more young people are not interested in joining the traditional workforce nor are they so gun-ho on marriage. Personally, I blame college being so fun as the reason we arent interested in getting a traditional 9-5. We get used to the hustle and bustle of college, seeing our friends, yadee yaa, then when its time to graduate, we havent given thought to the fact that all that must now end and we have to go to work and be responsible all day. So what do we/I do? Go to Grad School. I have a feeling that this generation will be some of the most over-qualified mo-fos of all time.

Also, I'm noticing alot of people not interested in being married. Or, if they are, they still assume its not something that will happen to them. What does this mean? Does it mean too many of us were raised in one parent homes? Does it mean the married parents just didnt do a good job of making married life look fun? Are relationships outdated? Far too often I see people in dysfunctional relationships whether that be someone is cheating on someone or if someone values the relationship more so than the other person. Why is it so are for our generation to communicate well enough with one another to have healthy relationships?

We may never know... But yea, just seems like our generation isnt interested in things the older generations value.... do you all think this will change? Or is society just changing?

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