Friday, July 23, 2010

Oddities of Men

I want to start my blog up again. I'm going to need some topics of interests... and looky there! One just popped into my head. I'm about to address men who think women are revolving doors. All this will be from my personal experience so you know where I'm coming from.

So, I don't approach guys. I don't really care to. I have other things to do, and the whole male/female interaction is tiring. So its safe to say that I have almost always been approached. A guy approaches men, we talk, get to know each other. But that's generally where it stops for one reason or another. Either, I get drunk & cuss his lying ass out, or I start acting weird b/c I lost one of my front teeth and my friend died, or he just doesn't like me as much as he thought. Whatever the reason may be, once I say my piece. I'm done with you. I erase your number, and I don't care to know anything further about you.

So WHY WHY WHY WHY do these said men always come back, contacting me, saying they miss me? especially when they were the ones who decided to end said interaction? Can someone answer me this? B/c it seems to be a recurring theme in my life... well, it was. I don't let it happen anymore b/c as I said before, male/female interactions are tiring. I recently had an interaction that went like this:

Me: Why are you having your friends and family call my phone?
Him: I'm not. They're playing games
Me: Why did you call me last week giggling, quoting the Bible and had ppl laughing in the background?
Him: I just was calling to call myself that night, I totally admit to that, but it wasnt over any BS or nothin like that
Me: Well thats not a good enough reason for, not after everything. So please erase my number from your phone so we wont have any more confusion.

AND you would think that would be the end of the conversation now wouldn't you? BUT NO!!! THIS JOKER HAD THE NERVE TO SAY THE FOLLOWING!

Him: Will do ma'am. Although I might have not made the wisest decisions by you and our friendship we had, I still must apologize. So I hope in your heart you can forgive me and that God will forgive my as well for my prior action. I am by no means perfect. Your number will be deleted

NOW WTF is the point of that mess!!?? Not to let me know you effed up, b/c I already knew that. Not to let me know you're sorry, b/c I dang sure know that.
Can someone tell me what the point of that last lil bit was, b/c all it got from me was a blank stare

So, would anyone like to comment on the oddities of men?
(That was kinda alot for a first post back huh?

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