Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Whatever you do, dont be Black!

Whats the difference between Karrine Steffans and Kim Kardashian? or Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen. What are the differing offenses of Mel Gibson's constant racial slurring and slandering and Isaiah Washington calling one gay guy a faggot one time? The difference is what happened to these people after they committed their varied atrocious crimes.

What happened to Karrine Stefans (Superhead) when she decided to bank on all her varied experiences? Every rapper, pro ball player, and male ever made it a point to let it be known that they thought she was wrong. However, wasnt it you rappers and thugs who said the game is to be sold not to be told? Except you get mad when a woman does it? BUT!!! When Kim Kardashian decides to bank on her (lame) experiences, what happens to her? She gets famous! She gets a TV show, she gets a Reggie Bush, she's revered! Why you ask? Look at the title of the post. Kim and Karrine's actions are the same in my book, but Kim gets fame, money, and a fiancee because shes not black. Karrine, gets a book and a seat next to B.Scott at a second hand award show.

Chris Brown beat on his girlfriend a lil bit, he's completely blackballed by the music industry. Charlie Sheen not only chokes and beats his wife on a holiday, but also pulls a knife out on her in front of their kids. But what happened to Mr. Money Talks? Nothing. His wife stays with him & you can still find him at 8/7c on ephing ABC family or some mess like that. IDK, I dont watch the show.

My last example of why being Black is really the only thing you can do wrong in this world while everything else is completely permissible is the comparison between Isaiah Washington and Mel Gibson. As most of us know in cussing out his girlfriend, Mel Gibson managed to offend every single racial group not to mention calling his ex every real and made up name he could think of. What happens to the Lethal Weapon star though? His actions get defended by none other that the ladies of The View. I would even guess that he'll have a new movie out by next summer. Now, as far Isaiah Washington. Backstory: On the set of Grey's Anatomy, in a verbal dispute with Patrick Dempsey, Washington called T.R. Knight a faggot. This wasn't on camera and this offense wasn't repeated. So what happens to Mr. Washington? Not only does he get kick off Grey's Anatomy, but he also got kicked off the Earth. We haven't heard from him since!!

Point of the story? Its not gonna work Montaana Fishburne. She's set out to gain mainstream fame by releasing a porn, but she forgot one thing. She's Black. So its not gonna work. Black people only get to be angels (Denzel), angry/loud (Chris Rock), or comedians (every one else). Being non-Black is actually the easiest way to gain fame. Not releasing your sex tape.

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