Thursday, August 19, 2010

Land of the MuthaFu*kin....Free

We all know this country was formed from a bunch of people escaping persecution. Right? They all supposedly came here to seek freedom and to not be treated anything other than equals... or whatever. So of course as soon as they get here, they create more downtrodden groups of people who only wanted freedom of religion like everyone else. I'm not even gonna touch on enslaved Africans and indigenous Native Americans. (is it repetitive to say indigenous Native...cuz I think it is)

So jumping forward, there's all kinds of hoopla over the building of a mosque near ground zero in NYC. Now I would hope that anyone reading this would recognize the ignorance in having a problem with this. Would there be as much outcry if a chapel or a synagogue were to be built? Of course not, but because there are terrorist who truly serious think Allah is sanctioning their actions, now all of Islam is bad? Anyone remember reading about the Crusades? What was that mess!? People fight in the name of religion all the time. That doesn't mean the that particular practice is wrong. It means those particular people are stupid and misguided. All the religion in the world isn't going to help if people continue to act on ignorance. Really, what do people think is gonna happen if a mosque is built? Will God and Allah (same) get in a huge fist fight, thereby crushing tiny Americans? (maybe) Will the fault line under NY finally shift? (maybe) Will Americans build an insanely over-sized church towering the mosque? (Probably) But all in all, I see no real danger. And if there is real danger then the P.A.T.R.I.O.T Act isn't working.

Next! We all know about the 35th President of these here United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He's the reason why alot of minorities traditionally (and stereotypically) vote Democratic. Well of course there was all kinds of uproar during his election campaign because he was Catholic.... uh, why? What kind of Christian did you want him to be? What the heck is "the right kind of Christian" anyway. What were they afraid of? If someone can tell me what the big deal was, that'd be great.

I would talk about how gay marriage really shouldn't cause rioting and the like, but there might be some homophobes reading. I just don't understand how two people of the same sex marrying makes anyone else less married. And if its God you're worried about, how about you let God do his job. I didn't know it was humans job to be the Heaven Police. If God hates gay people like many of these picketing signs say, then I'm sure He'll take care of them in a fiery display of how disobedience will get you got.

In conclusion, why all the discrimination in the land of the free. Why all the ignorance, spitting in the face of the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your point of view. You're so logical... I definitely enjoyed the part about the "Heaven Police"... In America, we're all trying to be what we see on tv and that's where a lot of our corrupt ideology comes from. If we could somehow focus on building unity in our communities and doing our best to protect mother earth, I think we'll be back to something good... It starts with individuals like yourself asking simple questions that ask the purpose of ppl's internal troubles. Maybe you should study some psychology... you have me over here rethinking my whole life LOL