Friday, August 6, 2010

Upgrading Outta Options

So, many women spend countless hours discussing the problems with men. Why dont they act right? Why is it so hard to communicate with them? Why do they always pick the ho-like creatures to make their significant others. Or why her? She's clearly stupid. We hope to explain all that & more in this here little blog.

What's funny is, the problem with men, is that women, specifically Black women are unattainable. Of course some of you are like "How am I unattainable?? I'm right here!" But think about it. For years, even generations, Black women have been told that they're not enough of this or they don't do enough of that. Slowly but surely, we started upgrading ourselves. Once told that we were uneducated, now Black women have all the degrees! Black women outnumber Black men in most college settings (Thus why finding a suitable partner in college will prove difficult/ he's got entirely too many choices to choose from.)

We make sure we cook well, look good, are well-read, well-traveled, and are amazing in bed. Many Black women got tired of hearing that myth about Becky's givin up the Becky and took it upon themselves to learn a few [more] tricks of the trade. Combine all the societal pressures to be more accepting and our natural nurturing nature and we have a generation of dime pluses that accept far too much bullshit than we should.

We've pretty much upgraded ourselves out of compatible partners. From this woman's stand point, no matter what a man's credentials are, you're still probably out of his league. And from the man's stand point, there are all these fine, good cooking, well-read, undercover freaks, so why not have a stab at all of em?

**made with contributions from @Ms_Parker_***

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  1. Well damn. Is there hope? Haha. Great post. Why focus on the ninjas who don't want or deserve us when there might be a Prince Naveen....