Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bloggers and Fame

Blogs are apart of whats called Web 2.0. A portion of the internet that allows for collaboration, interaction, so on and so forth. Everyone with internet access has the opportunity to blog, tweet, upload photos, all that. So! What is it exactly that pushes some bloggers to the forefront of fame and leaves others posting pictures of their cats?

I would say intelligence, but I cant think of a degree program that would allow Perez Hilton to graduate. More and more people find concern with trivial things instead of the things that matter. Many blogs/bloggers that do end up in the public eye are quite pointless and never address anything of substance. Who cares if cook every recipe in a cookbook? Where are your friends?! Why arent people writing about the terrible state of the K-12 system in this country or the fact that Ashton Kutcher is making 700K an episode during a supposed financial crisis.

More and more I believe the news to be a distractionary agent keeping us from thinking about and questioning the real issue of the world. And yes, i did make up the word "distractionary" and it fits perfectly.

Maybe Web 2.0 is to blame for the lessening importance of serious issue BECAUSE it has given any person the opportunity to vent about their own problems instead of thinking about solutions....

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