Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why do YOU want children Part II

As I said before, I took a small survey and asked people why they wanted to have kids, here are my survey results. I appreciate every person that answered my questions and I appreciate each perspective! I want to list the results and then list what I think/feel about each response.

1. I'm awesome and I want my kids to be awesome
2. I want my kids to make a difference in the world
3. There are too many stupid ppl in the world and I want to create more smart people
4. I want to experience the love between a mother and a child
5. In order for there to be wins, there has to be losses. People need to create more people in order for us to learn from each other's mistakes
6. I just want to
7. I want to show the world that living a Christian lifestyle is possible and good
8. I dont want my kids to grow up the way I did
9. To leave my legacy
10. I hate odd-numbered list

My responses
1. But what if your kids turn out "not so awesome?"
2. Why wait for your children to make the difference? Change something today... or tomorrow. Seems like a lot of pressure to put on a kid
3. True. But if we don't invest in and rally to change the K-12 system and the injustices within higher education, your kids may end up where you are: Smart in a world full of dummies
4. Have you tried getting a puppy first? small things such as puppies and babies are a lot of work.
5. Again true, but also morbid. This means I, or you, could have that "loss" kid, while my neighbor has the Noble Peace Prize winner. That's not fair
6. ok.
7. Sounds like your kids are a show and tell experiment
8. How about changing the lives of children that are already here instead of making more people and contributing to over population. Adoption, foster children, etc are all ways to do this
9. Which is what exactly???
10. So I couldn't end it on 9

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